Gold Forecaster – Weekly Issue #521

Weekly Gold Review What a week that was! Gold behaved remarkably well. It was relatively unmoved … [Read More]

Gold Forecaster – Weekly Issue #519

Weekly Gold Review Having touched $1,120 close to the opening in New York we write this as the … [Read More]

Latest Updates – Gold Forecaster Author:

  • Border checks are back. Police flooding train from Vienna to Prague. Passport checks for non European looking people. Looking for migrants.
    about 38 mins ago
  • This is a historic, mass-migration of desperate people. Thousands daily. Chaotic situation as they flow to promised lands of W-Europe.
    about 22 hours ago
  • The anticipated asylum/refugees expected into Germany next year is going to boost their population by around 1.5% (~800k to 1 million).
    about 22 hours ago

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